The menu of the restaurant Trattoria Portofino in Berlin.

On the menu are various Italian specialtiesäten. Why was also the delicious pizza and pasta. The food at Trattoria Portofino tastes just wonderful.

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Tel. no. : +493023910610

Open Everyday!


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Starting with the appetizers like soups and other antipasti, the restaurant offers very good food.

The delicious fresh pizzas are prepared individually für them.

You can also have your pizza topped as you wish.

The delicious pasta like the lasagna or spaghetti taste just wonderful.

Penne and tagliatelle are also on the menu.

The delicious salads are always fresh and prepared fresh für them.

Notice also the daily and seasonal offers.

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Delicious spaghetti pasta like at Trattoria Portofino with delivery service in Berlin. The restaurant offers Räcke, pizza and pasta.